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The information below, came to me through Adriaan van Oosten, who is collecting information about all sorts of alternative organization and people in the Netherlands.Louis Joseph Boesnach
born 25-9-1868 Tholen (Zeeland)
died 19-11-1963 Salzburg (Austria)
He was the son of Willem Boesnach and Adele Sophie Consael.
He married Engelina Arienne Solser.
He married Sophie Garscharen 17-05-1909, divorced 31-01-1933
He married Anny Degelin

I will give you a translation of an interview with Louis Joseph Boesnach, he gave to "De Natuurgeneeswijze" a monthly magazine of the Dutch Organization for Natural Healing, September 1955.
Dr. L.J. Boesnach Chairman of the Star (Belgium, Luxembourg, Canada)1955 On September the 25th it will be 87 years ago that Dr. Boesnach was born in Tholen (zeeland). In 1890 he became pharmacist and in 1893 doctor in the medical science and obstetrics. He made a study trip of one year to Paris, Vienna an Berlin, and left for Transvaal in South Africa where he worked in Pretoria. (the second Dutch doctor)
After reading the work of the naturopath Kuhne, about vegetarianism and natural healing, he decided to live according to these rules. He got the nickname "the Waterdoctor". Through his friendship with the German vicar, who was a passionate homeotherapist, he got in touch with this way of healing. He also learned about the Christian Science healing. Dr. Boesnach will tell in his own words."I was very happy and never had any desire to go back to Europe. Unfortunately, the war decided different and when Lord Roberts occupied Pretoria, I left for Delago-Bay, the Portugeze colony of Eastern Africa. From there we left with the German ship "General" to Europe.
In the Netherlands I got in contact with with Daan de Clercq, chairman of the Vegetarian Society. We became friends. I was the first Dutch doctor who openly propagated vegetarianism, and teetotalism and who had in different cities a regular surgery for naturopathy.
Because of very serious events in my marriage, I was so upset that I gave everything up and took a job as a shipdoctor .
During this period I recovered completely and filed for divorce. Within a year I was a free man."To make a seven page story short I will pick out the most important events:
J.L.B. got a job in Germany in Tonborn near Elberfeld. A year later he got engaged to and married the oldest daughter of the owner.
J.L.B. and his wife left to work in Werschets, South Hongary. After two years they went back to Germany, where he worked in Mannheim
During the the '14-'18 war they left for Bad Godesberg to the Rozenberg Sanatorium. This was closed during the war.
He went back to Holland and worked as a shipdoctor again. When he came back from a 9 month trip, he found his wife in a mental home in Bonn, his movables sold because of debt and two children with grandmother. Until 1933 he worked as a shipdoctor. He filed for divorce again and married his Belgian wife Anny Degelin in 1935.


left to right:
Adella Boesnach, his daughter
Dr. L.J. Boesnach
Anny Boesnach-Degelin, his wife



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