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The Busnach homepage needed a facelift, I hope you enjoy it.

Many years ago my brother started looking in telephone directories all over the world to find Busnach's.
He was travelling a lot and he was very curious about the origin of the Busnach tribe.
Meanwhile my father started searching in the archives of Amsterdam and the Jewish Portuguese graveyard in Ouderkerk (the Netherlands). He only did research on the direct line of his father, grandfather etc. back to the year 1700

After my brother died I took over and did spend many hours in the Amsterdam archive and Internet.
I found Busnach's all over the world and lots of information came to me.
This resulted in a family tree with more than 650 Busnach's, Boesnach's, Boesenach, Busnac's and there spouses.

There still are a lot of missing links and I hope to find the time to do more research.

Wouter Busnach - Amsterdam

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site created by Wouter Busnach, march 2005